Back to Maui, Back to Work!

OK, now that things are back to normal, I thought I'd get back to updating my blog on a regular basis.  As most of you know, I've been back in Georgia for a few weeks visiting supporters, friends, family, and of course, my new nephew Myers.  It was a really nice to catch up with some people and just relax for a little while.  I didn't get to meet with everyone because my time in Georgia was short, but for those of you who I didn't get in touch with, I'm sorry and I promise I'll call within a week or so.  

Little Myers with his Mom and Dad.

Some (definitely not all) of the Kinder side of the family.

Myers' first visit with Uncle Bryan.

One thing that I was really glad I got to do was go back to Berry, where I went to college.  I got to see a lot of good friends that I haven't seen in over a year, eat at my favorite Rome, GA  restaurants (Schroder's New Deli and Jefferson's, both great food and atmosphere for really cheap) and go to the Berry Shorter basketball game, our big crosstown rivalry.  I had a great time, and was really reminded what a beautiful campus Berry has.

The Frost Chapel lawn.

East and West Mary dorms.

Ford Dining Hall and the admissions office.

As great as my time was in Georgia, it been good to get back into my normal routine and get caught up on a lot of work that I've needed to do.  I've been promoted to Director of Communications, which basically means I'm doing my normal job plus I'm responsible for making sure everything is running well in the Communication Department, making sure we're within our budget, running department meetings, etc.  I'm excited about all that's going on in YWAM Maui and I'll share more details about what my new job entails in the coming weeks.  God Bless!


  1. Steve said...:

    Good to have you home for a while. Renee said that Riley has gained some weight since you left Georgia. I think Renee is feeding her too much. :-)