New Communication Update

  Just thought I'd give y'all a little more information on what I'm up to as the new Director of Communication here at YWAM Maui.  I made a little video update, but I'm having a bit of trouble uploading it, so until I can get it working, I'll just write what some of my new responsibilities are. 

  First, I'm in charge of the communication budget, which is not my favorite thing, but I guess it comes with the territory.  I also make sure a have a website that runs (with much help from my friend Jonathan, who knows WAY more about websites than I do).  We're actually in the process of making a new website, which is a much larger undertaking than I realized, but I think it will help us get more and better exposure in the future, especially for fundraising purposes, which I'm also in charge of.  We also want to make sure we have a positive image in the community, so I get to get out and do a little Public Relations work with other churches and other non-profits.  Finally, I'm ultimately in charge of making sure all our audio/video projects get finished and look good (this is more Maria's department and she does a wonderful job).

  In the midst of all our work though, we manage to have a little fun now and then, especially with the Photo Booth program on our iMac.  If you have ever used a Mac, you've probably done this too!

Ryan Fitzgerald, looking like an elf/hobbit.

Negative picture of us doing our best to look like a bunch of rappers.

Maria thought this was a serious picture, I apparently didn't.

  Switching gears, I'm going to try to put at least one thing on here every week about Hawaiian culture; first because it's so interesting and also because life is so different here in Hawaii and I'm always finding things that you never see in Georgia. 

 I love trying new things, especially food (I secretly want to have my own Travel Channel show, like Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman) and this is my newest find.  It's called opihi, and it's basically a mix between an oyster and a mussel.  They're traditionally eaten raw, and this past weekend some friends and I went to the south side of the island to find some.  to harvest opihi, you take either a flathead screwdriver or a knife and pry them off rocks at low tide.  We ate some raw, but I prefer them grilled with a little hot sauce and some lime.

Opihi on the grill.  kind of like oysters, but saltier and a little less chewy.


  1. Steve said...:

    Have you tried grilling them with the whole shell on? I would think everything would fall out when you flip them. :-) OK, I have be without sleep for the last week.

  1. Melissa said...:

    Those look like "curbs" that people ate in the Bahamas too. You had to pry them off the rocks by the water with the tip of a hefty knife or a machete. They weren't exactly the same. The bottom looks similar, but the top of the shell was different.