This One's For You Seth and Melissa!

Ok,ok, so here's the update. I've been teaching these past few weeks, usually in the mornings, then in the afternoons either working on some farming projects or meeting with Nepalis I've met and talking to them about Christianity, Jesus, etc. The farming projects are a big thing that is taking off in the Nepali church. The church here has always been supported financially by the West, which means they are always asking for money. A lot of churches are getting into sustenance farming now as a means of supporting themselves. I've been working on setting up some fish farms with a guy from South Africa (Bill). Jonathan, one of our team leaders, has also been teaching pastors and laymen about organic farming, raising pigs, etc. these projects have been very successful in the past few years, and so now the church is going large scale.

Our evangelism times have also been really encouraging in the past few weeks. We've seen healings, and almost every time we talk about Jesus in public, even if we're just talking one on one with someone at a coffee shop, crowds gather around. It always seems like at least 2-3 people get saved, then we hook them up with local churches and discipleship groups so that they can grow. The fields are truly ripe for the harvest here, and it is such a blessing to get to be a part of helping the Nepali church grow and mature.

Tomorrow I leave Kathmandu for Pokhara. I'll be teaching there for two weeks, then teaching and trekking in Jiri (near Mt. Everest!) for two weeks. After that, I'm in Tibet (Lhasa) for two weeks, then it's back to Maui, then back to Conyers! It really seems like time is going by fast, but I'm enjoying every second of being here!


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