Pokhara and Jiri

This past week I was in the town of Pokhara, in the northwest part of Nepal. We were teaching at 6 different churches while we were there, so we kept pretty busy.

It feels weird sometimes to teach to 30 and 40 year old pastors. I feel like I'm just some kid teaching to all these men who are leading churches, and I definately feel unworthy sometimes. But almost none of these men have had any kind of training at all. The majority of them have been chosen because they can read or because they are the only one who is willing. It's a humbling expierence, but I love being able to help equip other believers and it's wonderful to see them grow in their faith.

Pokhara is a beautiful town on the Seti (White) River. There is a lake there and on clear days there are amazing views of the Annapurna mountain range. It's a lot calmer than Kathmandu, and even though we were pretty busy, it was a nice break from the insanity of the city.

Tomorrow I leave for Jiri, a small village in eastern Nepal. There are no bathrooms or showers there, so it should be fun bathing in thee river and going to the bathroom in the forest. We will also be hiking into the town and possibly into other villages, so I'm really excited to get a chance to do some hiking. I don't think the girls on our team are as excited as the guys, but I'm sure they'll tough it out and we'll all have a good time.


  1. Am I really the only person that comments on your blogs? Am I the only person who reads them? Am I the only one you've told about them? : ) You're answering the age-old Young Life question: "Would you do it all the same way if it were just for one kid?" So, would you blog it all the same way if it were just for one reader? I guess you would! And now I'll stop talking nonsense because I know lots of people love you and are keeping up with you - they're just not blog-commenting kind of people. Anyway, I like getting on here and seeing that you've written something new. Miss you! Have fun on your hike, keep up the awesome work, and do your best to stay clean. I've decided not to shower today in honor of you. But I will definitely be showering tomorrow. . . those poor girls. Be nice to them.

  1. And I've decided to pee in the woods in honor of you. Watch out for those customs officers . . . . .