Kathmandu It!

It's been a while....it's hard to update this thing in Nepal because the internet is dial-up (soooo slow) and there are power outages here almost every day. But as the Nepalis say, "Ke garne?" (What can you do?)

Nepal is an amazing but strange country. The mountains are amazing and there are a lot of beautiful places, but at the same time, there is trash everywhere- in the river, on the streets, in the fields. It really makes me appreciate how clean the States are!

The past two weeks (since I've been in Nepal) we've been working with an orphanage, doing some repairs for them and teaching the children some English, as well as doing prayer walks around the city at the different Hindu and Buddhist temples. There are litterally temples on every corner and in front of almost every house. People are constantly offering sacrifices and worshiping, ringing bells, spinning prayer wheels and lighting inscence, all things that they do to please their idols in hopes of either gaining "enlightenment" or becomming part of "Brahma" which they believe is the source of all being.

Please pray for the nation of Nepal, especially the church here. The church is growing rapidly, but is persecuted and many believers still have a desire to worship Hindu idols. Pray that the unaltered Gospel of Jesus Christ would go out and that the new Nepali constitution that is being written would have freedom of religion included.

Well, thats all for now, I'm going to try to update within the next week or two, assuming that we have power and I can get this dang internet to work! God Bless!!!


  1. Alright dude, so seriously . . . crappy internet or not, when's your next update coming? Jeez