Fun in Jiri

Wow! What a week. We went to a village near the city (well, it's a small town really) Jiri, where we taught about 40 pastors and some other random people. We started out by driving 8 hours to some small, dark, depressing town in the mountains, then had to walk for about 4 hours to the village. I was sick the day of the trip (don't ask, it was pretty rough) so I did this entire trip without eating. We got to the village and almost everyone on our team was sick, but we taught on anyway. we slept on dirt floors and rock hard beds, with dust falling on us all night. Fun times!

Our meals this past week haven't exactly been five star either (not that they ever are...). We ate dhalbat, which is rice with lentil soup, for every meal. Breakfast? dhalbat. Lunch? dhalbat. Dinner? what else, dhalbat. I am so sick of rice. That's besides the point though. Our teachings went really well, and we hiked back out of the village on our last day to the actual town of Jiri. it was a really nice 6 hour hike through the mountains and it was beautiful.

I'm back in Kathmandu now after a 10 hour bus ride yesterday and I've already eaten more here than in the entire time I was in Jiri! We are doing some more ministry here and preparing for our trip to Tibet in a week and a half.


  1. Kristin said...:

    I'm sorry you have been sick. Too bad you are sick of rice, George and I just bought you a fifty pound bag of rice as a welcome home present!
    I bet it is beautiful there. You better be taking a lot of pictures...

  1. beth russell said...:

    Fun in Jiri? I couldn't stand the harsh travel you have just endured. I'm thankful we have the young and fearless. I'm also thankful for you, Bryan. We are making plans for Salem. I'm really looking forward to spending that week with you and seeing pictures and hearing all the adventures. I continue to pray for your safty and success.

  1. Hooray Bryan - look at all these other friends you have! I told you they were lurking out there somewhere. And that was Seth that decided to pee in the woods in honor of your last post. Not me. Just so you know.

  1. Renee said...:

    I can't wait to see you and hear all about your adventures and see all those photos you told me about! I am going to make that lentil rice soup for you if you miss it when you get home!!

    I love you, be safe!