Weekend in Oahu

This weekend I got the chance to head over to Oahu to hang out with some people from YWAM Honolulu. Hawaiian Airlines had a special for $50 roundtrip inter-island flights, so I thought it was a good time to connect with some other YWAMers and see some stuff on Oahu that I hadn't been able to see yet.

At the infamous Banzi Pipeline, but where are all the waves?!?

Friday and Saturday my friend Jason and I went camping with about half of the YWAM Honolulu staff on the north shore. It was really fun to get to know some of them and talk about what types of ministries their base is involved in, where they go on outreaches and that type of thing. While camping, I got to go to a few legendary surf breaks, which was pretty cool even though there were no waves, and go cliff jumping with a few of the Honolulu staff as well. I was going to go with a few people to see where the TV show Lost is filmed, but I figured it wouldn't be very exciting for me because I've never seen the show!

Part of our campsite for Friday and Saturday.

On Sunday, I got to see some of Honolulu and go to Pearl Harbor, which I was really excited about. Jason and I watched the video for the USS Arizona tour and went out to the memorial, which was really a surreal experience. It's almost silent at the memorial, and there was a real sense of respect from everyone there, even a few little kids that were there. As we were at the memorial, there were some Navy fighter jets doing fly overs right over the harbor in formation, which was really cool. It was sad to think about how many people died not only that day, but in all our wars, but I also felt an overwhelming sense of pride to live in a country that fights for those less fortunate and thankful for those who fought and died to secure the freedoms and opportunities that we enjoy today.

The flag over the USS Arizona memorial.

Me in front of the memorial.

Sunday night a group of us went to Waikiki beach and ate dessert on the beach. We also took the necessary cheesy tourist photo-ops that you just have to do, like taking your picture with the statue of Duke Kahanamoku (a famous Hawaiian surfer). Overall, it was a great weekend!

At the Duke statue!