Playing around with Photoshop

I'm working by myself in the Communication department this fall, which presents some challenges (now I have to do everything on my own!) as well as opportunities. One opportunity that I've gotten the chance to take advantage of recently is playing around on our Adobe Photoshop program. I've been interested in learning some graphic design since college, but never had the time to play around with anything. In the past few weeks though, I've gotten to do quite a bit of stuff for our upcoming Fall DTS school. Here are a few things I've just finished up:

Here's the first piece I did this spring for the summer DTS staff folder. It was a lot of cutting and pasting and I had to use a lot of layers. Pretty primitive, but I thought it was funny.

A logo I made just to learn and play around until I came up with something cool. I modeled the background after an Apple advertisement featuring the band Coldplay.

This is the fall DTS student handbook. I created the background using a friend of mine's picture from China. I faded and layered with a picture of a granite countertop, then added the dove and writing on top of that.

This is a Clark Little (he's an amazing water photographer) photograph that I just tweaked the color a tiny bit and added text. Super easy and looks good too.

This is for a big dinner we do called Love Feast. Just thought I'd keep it nice and simple for this one.


  1. kristin.mccown said...:

    Very cool stuff! I may need to hire you to make a 1st birthday party invite!

  1. Samantha said...:

    this stuff is gorgeous. just watch for copyright with paintings. you are hysterical, by the way-- i would have LOVED to have been greeted with that kind of humor when i got to my base for dts. but i guess it was better for me to have the crap scared out of me at that time in my life... :)