Vacation Soon!

It's amazing how much work it takes to get to the point where you can go on vacation.  This Thursday night I head back to Georgia for about a month of meeting with supporters, speaking at churches, fundraising and vacation with my family, but in the meantime, it's been absolute chaos here at YWAM Maui.


Seriously, I need a vacation!

Last week 22 of our DTS students came back from outreach in Asia, and with the current DTS students and our staff, there were about 65 people in two houses.  Talk about crazy!  In addition to the slightly crowded living conditions, I've been putting a lot of promotional materials together for the DTS students to take home, and just got all of that done last Friday.  We've also been finalizing our July alumni newsletter which is being sent out this week.  Add all that to the daily grind of updating our website, helping people write and edit newsletters, department meetings, community outreach projects and intercession and worship times, and I feel like a vacation is just what I need!  

Me with two of the Winter DTS students, Madeline and Jordyn.

The Winter DTS: Back from outreach and looking good.

While I'm back in Georgia, I'll be available for the first two weeks of July to meet and hang out with everyone.  The first week I'll be around the Atlanta area, and the second week I'll be at Salem Campmeeting in Conyers.  Then I'll be in Orlando for the third week of July taking my nephew, Myers to Disney World!  I'll be back the final week of July for more meetings and spending some time with friends and family.  

In the past few weeks, I've really gotten to like the students in the Summer DTS.  They're a really fun loving group, and are always up for weekend fun such as cliff jumping, mud bogging or hiking.  They are also really passionate about reaching the nations with God's love and sharing the Gospel.  It's encouraging to work with people who are so hungry and engaging, and as excited as I am about seeing everyone in Georgia, I'm definitely going to miss these guys while I'm home.

Some of the DTS guys starting a mud fight in a sugar cane field!

I can't wait to get back to see y'all, and if I haven't called you to see if you want to get together, please CALL ME! My number is 404-213-3740.   I really have been busy, and I've forgotten to call a lot of people I want to see.  See y'all soon!


  1. wow. dial down the desperation.

    (pick a day, we'll work on brick store plans).