Staff Conference in Kaupo

This past Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the entire YWAM Maui staff went camping for our quarterly staff conference.  Staff conference is a time for us to plan for the next few months, fellowship with each other and just have some fun.  We went to a "town" called Kaupo, which really is just a general store and a few houses in the middle of nowhere.  Most of the land surrounding Kaupo is completely undeveloped or just ranch land with a few cattle.  It was nice to see what Maui probably looked like 50 or 60 years ago, and there are some really beautiful places in the area.  Here are a few pictures of the weekend:

Our campsite, generously provided by our friend Jonny V.

A few of the boys grilling burgers for dinner.

A typical house in Kaupo.  Old, run down and completely secluded.

Probably the most picturesque waterfall I've ever seen.

Kaupo is about an hour and a half drive on dirt roads from the nearest sign of civilization.

A nice sunset through the trees where we were camping.

Jumping in to go spearfishing.  An hour later, we were tired and still hadn't caught anything, so we went back and grilled burgers.


  1. kristin.mccown said...:

    Wow, those pictures are beautiful! Seeing sights like that, I am jealous that we have not been able to come to visit.

    I am glad that this camping trip did not involve hotdogs that had been sitting out too long!