Revival Maui

There are a lot of cool things that have been happening on Maui recently.  One of these things is a prayer ministry that some of the guys I do jiu-jitsu with are heading up.  It's called Revival Maui, and they are simply praying that God would bring revival to the people on this island.  Every few weeks they organize a "prayer rumble" which is just a time for people from all churches and denominations on Maui to come together to pray and worship.  

They have also been going around to adult video stores on the island to share the Gospel with the people working there and talk about how God wants us to live pure lives.  Ryan, one of my roommates who is really involved with Revival Maui said they just go in talk to whoever is working there and ask if they can pray for them.  It's pretty radical stuff, but so far they've been really well received, and the movement seems to be growing really fast.  There's some video and good information on their new website, check it out if you get the chance...  Revival Maui

I've forgotten to take any good pictures this week, so I'm going to just put some older pictures that I've been playing with on Photoshop and Lightroom, two photo editing programs I've been playing around with lately.  Enjoy!

This picture was on the south side of the island, in Wailea.  I faded some of the colors to make the sky look like it was a nice pale blue.

This is a picture of a boy in an orphanage in Bangkok that I went to.  He was using his toy as a gun to "shoot" me.  I finally got him to pose for me and I think it turned out really well.

I took this picture of "Lilly" at an orphanage on my last trip to Asia.  Soon afterwards, she took my camera and ran out the batteries by taking dozens of pictures of her bed.

This is my favorite picture I've taken on Maui.  This is the only picture of the group that hasn't been altered in any way.

This is a picture I took in Nepal of a shaman.  I enhanced the shadows, darkened the exposure and changed it to sepia tone to make is kind of creepy.

Ok, so I promised I wouldn't put any food on here for a few weeks, so I've got something new.... Hawaiian Pidgin.  Nope, it's not a bird, it's actually a strange made up language that's a mix of English, Hawaiian, Japanese and a few other languages.  

Most "locals" here in Hawaii speak some form of Pidgin, which can definitely confuse you if you're not expecting it.  The first time I heard someone speaking Pidgin, I actually thought the guy was from a foreign country.  If you live in Hawaii or visit here, you'll probably hear some of the following phrases:

How are you? = Howzit?  This is a greeting that pretty much everyone, local and haole (white people) alike use.

Brother or friend = Braddah or Brah.  You can call your friends this, but if you're a haole calling a local "Brah", you better know a lot more Pidgin than most white people do.
I don't care = Ainokea (I no care).  I didn't figure this one out for quite a while.  "Ainokea" is also a clothing line here in Hawaii.

You got a problem? = Wan beef? (you want beef?) If you hear this, always say no, put your head down and get the heck outta there!

If you want to get a glimpse of Pidgin in action, this YouTube video is about a guy who finds a dollar and is always good for a laugh:


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    That junk was AWESOME!!! I laughed out loud at my office!!