New Videos, Old Students and SPAM

Ok, so the Communication department here at YWAM Maui is pretty busy and I thought I'd give y'all a sneak peek of one of our new videos that Maria has been working on.

This summer we're doing a condensed version of the DTS lecture phase that will be about three weeks instead of the normal three months. We're doing it for people who may not have time to do a full DTS school, but still want to come see what YWAM is all about. This is the final cut of our promo video for what we are calling "A Taste of DTS":

Next up, our outreach teams that have been in Asia for the last few months are back! They got back on Thursday, and it's a really cool thing to see the current DTS school and the teams that just got back from Asia interact. The new students want to hear everything about where they'll be going in a few months, and the students that just got back are so excited to tell about what God is doing in those countries.

It's also really encouraging for all of us staff to hear about what they've been doing in Borneo, Bangladesh, and Ch!na. Monday morning at worship (everyone in YWAM Maui meets Monday and Friday mornings for corporate worship times) was absolutely electric, and there was a real sense of joy and excitement that I've never felt in a worship service before.

As far as Hawaiian culture goes, I might as well just turn this into a food blog... I promise I won't have any food on here for a couple weeks, but I wanted to hit on a local staple here that I saw my friend Nick eating the other afternoon, so I had to get some as well. It's called SPAM musubi, and it's simple, but for some reason people go nuts over it here, especially after a long surf session or during a day on the beach.

SPAM musubi, a local "treat" that I could probably live without.

For some reason, Hawaiians love SPAM. I've heard from a lot of people that it came for World War II, when GI's would give part of their rations to locals, but I'm not sure if that's actually true or not. Nevertheless, SPAM is really easy to find here in the islands. McDonald's offers SPAM and eggs for breakfast and Burger King has a SPAM, egg and cheese croissant. They even have their own special "Hawaii Edition" SPAM cans (with 25% less sodium! Apparently, they don't want everyone is Hawaii to have a stroke at the same time...).

Apparently plastic hula dolls make caned ham more appetizing.

SPAM musubi is basically SPAM sushi. That's right, just when you thought SPAM couldn't possibly ruin any other meal, leave it to Hawaii to take some of the cheapest, lowest quality meat in the world, put it on some rice and wrap it in seaweed. Actually, it's not that bad, but maybe I've just been hanging out with too many locals lately...