A Few Pictures

Our humble abode, nicknamed the "Testosterhome" is small, but a great place to live! Right now we have 10 guys living here, but as soon as the Fall DTS starts, that will double, so right now we're enjoying the space that we have.

This is the main house where the girls live, and also where we eat, hang out, etc. It's in the small town of Hai'ku which is an old plantation town on the North Shore of Maui.

One of our buses. It's old and only runs sometimes, but has the best name of all time. We have newer and way better vans that we use most of the time, so Optimus doesn't get much use these days.


  1. Steve said...:

    Looks like the women got the better deal. Grass, windows, paito furniture, etc :-)
    The men's house looks more like a double-wide trailer in Alabama.
    I do like the sign on the door 'Radical Blvd'. I am sure y'all will live up to that.