Busy, Busy, Busy!

Taking a break from work at the office.

This past week has been really crazy, but good. I've started my job in the Communication department, which is brand new here at YWAM Maui. That means Maria (the other person working in the Comm. department) and I are trying to figure out how this whole thing should run. We have a lot of big projects that our leadership team wants us to get up and running, such as a new contact list of everyone who has ever been in YWAM Maui, possibly designing a new website, and raising enough money to buy a new staff house (which is about $700,000).

In the mean time, we're doing an on-island fund-raising campaign with a local grocery store, and finishing a base newsletter by the end of this week, all while getting ready for our quarterly staff conference that runs from Tuesday to Friday morning.

Needless to say, we're busy. While Maria is focusing more on the design aspect of things, I'm taking care of the business end, meaning I get to meet with businessmen and pastors on the island a lot. I'm really looking forward to expanding our contacts and the ministries that we're partnering with and getting to know more influential people here on Maui.

In other news, our Summer DTS team leaves Wednesday morning for Asia. They will be spending 3 weeks in southern Thailand working with a brand new ministry, then moving on to Nepal to teach basic theology to new Christians. They're a small group (only 3 students and 2 leaders), but we're excited to send them out to be a part of what God is doing in Asia.

Commissioning service for Summer DTS students.


  1. ADam said...:

    its good to see your face man...i really do miss you...

  1. Keith Peavy said...:

    Hey bro let me know if you need some help in video editing or some junk like that. I am always looking to do some of that. We could have a Maui/Oslo joint operation and the technology is there so that we could do this with ease.