One Month Until Outreach!

The first picture is just the guys hanging out in the house, which we have nicknamed the "Testoster-Home". The second is me cliff jumping this past weekend, and the third picture is Jonathan Libag, the Nepal team leader.

Today marks exactly one month until I leave for outreach. We are actually flying to Thailand for out last week of lecture, then heading out to Nepal. Our outreach will consist mostly of teaching local pastors in Kathmandu and the surrounding villages in Nepal.

At first, teaching pastors seemed like an impossible task, but we later found out that most church leaders in Nepal are only elected as pastors simply because they can read. Most have little or no Biblical knowledge because there are no resources in the Nepali language. From what we've heard, the Nepali pastors are always excited to learn about their faith and are eager to get any knowledge about things the we in the western church take for granted, such as prayer, the trinity, and the Holy Spirit.

It really blows my mind to think about what Nepali Christians give up for their faith. Nepal is a Hindu country with a strong caste system, and when someone converts to another religion other than Hinduism, they are essentially outcasts and banished to the lowest caste. A lot of times, they are shunned by their families and friends, leaving them nowhere to turn but God. My concept of sacrifice pales in comparison.