We Are Going To The Nations!

Ok, so I promised that I would let everyone know when my trip to Asia was actually going to happen, so here it is!  

We are heading back to Asia for about six weeks in January.  The dates aren't exactly set yet, but I'm thinking that I'll leave from Atlanta and go to Bangkok, Thailand just right around the New Year.  Using Bangkok as a stepping off point, I'll be traveling with my friend Ben Cordy to visit our outreach teams in Nepal, Borneo (Indonesia), and "C" (the same city I was last year during Christmas).  

During our time in these countries, our objective will be to check up on our DTS outreach teams to make sure their ministry is going smoothly, connect with our contacts in those countries to find out how we can better partner with them in their long-term vision to bring the Gospel to their people, and also do some teaching and ministry with our teams.  I'm also planning on bringing a HD video camera and a digital SLR camera to get some great photos and video footage for the Communication Department to make more (and better) promotional materials.

I'm excited about all the places that I'll be going to, but particularly Nepal.  As many of you know, I spent 3 months in Nepal during 2007 on an outreach.  I can't tell you how excited I am to get back there, to meet with friends, ministry partners, go to churches that I taught at and check up on a few people I had the honor of helping lead to the Lord.  I've been in contact with a few friends there via Facebook, and it makes me want to jump on a plane right now!

Me teaching at a house church in Nepal in 2007.

Nepalis are a humble and resilient people who desperately need the hope that only God can provide.

Also, our long term team in "C" will be pretty settled in to their ministry routine by then, and I'm excited to see the all the fund raising, planning, and work that we've put into making the ministry there happen in action!

Can't wait to be back in "C" again!

The beauty of southern "C".

Finally, I've never been to Borneo, but I know our contact there (Vecky, who spent a month here at our base last year), and it will be great to reconnect with him and see all of the ministry and church plants that he's told me about first hand.

As I go forward for this trip, it's imperative that I have the backing of the church in prayers as well as finances.  You have been so faithful and I cannot thank you enough for partnering with me in supporting God's calling on my life.  There is still much work to be done in planning and executing this trip, from applying for visas to buying plane tickets, and I need your help.  

You can pray for us!  Pray that our visa applications would go smoothly and that we would be able to get all our inter Asia travel arrangements in order.  Pray that God would prepare our hearts to humbly serve His people as we share the truth of God's word with them.  Pray that through partnering with local ministries, YWAM Maui would have a lasting impact in Southeast Asia!

Also, I have raised about one third of the $3000 needed for this trip by working part time and odd jobs on the island, but that still leaves me $2000 short.  Would you consider making a one time gift to help me make a lasting impact in Southeast Asia?  If God moves you donate to this trip, you can make tax deductible contributions to YWAM Maui and mail them to:

Bryan Farrar
PO Box 790237
Paia, HI 96779

Again, thank you for all you do to help support my ministry!