New Life Here in YWAM Maui

Summer is officially upon us here in Maui, which means the plumeria and mango trees are blooming, the winter trade winds have died down and it is HOT!  It's a great time to be here at YWAM Maui though, because it means that we've started another DTS school and have a few new people on staff.  New DTS schools always bring a new sense of life and anticipation to those of us on staff, which is refreshing after our slow and quiet spring quarter.  

Getting ready to take the new DTS students camping.

The students hiking in the west Maui mountains.

The Summer 2009 DTS school.

Our Summer DTS kicked off last Friday night, and the students have just returned from camping for a few days out in west Maui for a time to get to know each other better.  Meanwhile, the staff have been scrambling to get everything ready for the DTS program.  I've been especially busy putting together information packets for the Winter DTS students to take home when they return from outreach in late June, filming three promotional videos, working on our July base newsletter and planning a trip to visit Georgia and Florida in July! 

Me praying for a new staff member (my friend Eric Fritz) at our DTS opening ceremony.

Speaking of returning home, I'll be speaking at all three CFUMC church services on July 5, then in a few sunday school classes on July 26.  If you'd like to have me come share in your sunday school class, I'd be more than happy to, just send me an e-mail or call me at (404) 213-3470.  I do have a few needs as I return home for July that I thought I'd mention:

1. I need a plane ticket (or enough skymiles for a flight) back to Maui in early August.
2. I'm looking to increase my monthly support in the next year.  As I gain more responsibilities here in YWAM Maui and the Lord blesses me with a bigger vision for reaching the nations, I have a larger financial need, specifically for my travel budget.
3. I have a few decisions to make on what department I'll be working in for the next year, and I need people to pray along with me that I would work where ever God can use me most effectively.

The top of Waipuna Chapel (where I go to church).

The view from Waipuna Chapel.