Thinking about the Thanksgiving season, I thought I'd make a little list of some of the things I'm thankful for:

1. I was raised by an amazing family in a house full of love and encouragement.  I used to always take this for granted, but I see so many people that come through YWAM and people here in Hawaii who don't have a good family life, I realize what a blessing it is.

2. I live in what I consider to be the greatest country in the world that has been incredibly blessed with freedom, security and success.  We have our problems, but after seeing how most other people in the world live on less than $1 a day, I cannot help but be thankful to live in a land that God has so richly blessed.

3. I have a great friends from all over the world.  With new friends from all over and old friends that I've known for most of my life, I know there is always some one I can call when I need something, just to hang out.

4. I get to eat (at least!) 3 meals a day and sleep with a roof over my head every night.  There are people starving and homeless all over, and even though I sleep 12 feet up in the air, it's a lot more than what some people have.

5. I'm a part of two great churches, CFUMC in Conyers, and Waipuna Chapel in Maui.  The fellowship and teaching that these churches provide has helped me grow into the person I am today, and the people at these churches have supported me in so many ways.  Thank you all.

This is a shorter post, but I'm helping out with some Thanksgiving meals for the homeless today and tomorrow, and going camping this weekend with a bunch of the staff guys this weekend, so I should have a bunch of good stuff next week.  

Also, my Asia trip has been a bit more expensive than I planned, and I'm about $400 over budget.  This is mostly due to airfare and budget shortages in the YWAM Maui Communication department's travel fund (they were going to help me out with hotels and a few other things, but there's no money there!).  Please pray about helping me cover these expenses, and if you would like more information on where and why I'm going to Asia, either give me a call at (404) 213-3740, or e-mail me at  I would love to talk to you more about what I'm doing there!!!  


  1. youtopia photo said...:

    im thankful for a friend who has more stories about more places in the world then anyone else around here...

    praying for you man.