Manny's Marathon!!

This past Saturday, 33 people (some are involved in YWAM, others aren't) ran 7 miles from our property in Hai'ku, to Manny's, a house we used to own in Paia.  The deal was that all the guys grew mustaches for the run, just as a way to get out and have a little fun.  We had a big cookout afterwards, and I got to meet some new people that live in Paia (including a guy who's name is Zuber- no joke).

The run was pretty ridiculous; it's hard to explain, so I'm just going to put a bunch of pictures up so you can see for yourself:
Near the end of the race, finally!  I ran it in 1:01:42.  Not bad for how much I trained (or how much I didn't train).

Yes, I actually looked like this for a few days.

Getting ready to start the race.  I came in 6th, but was a strong contender for the"best mustache" competition.

Will, our DTS school leader this quarter, with his beloved Texas flag.

Josh, looking like a Hawaiian Richard Simmons.

My getup for the race.  


  1. ADam said...:

    man...i miss ya buddy...

    your complete craziness is missed here in conyers...

    thanks for taking the time to keep us posted