Labor Day, a short week adventures?

This past week was definitely out of the ordinary. Monday was Labor Day, which I got off--well sort of. I got to go out to Hana, a small town 35 miles from anywhere, and hang out at a red sand beach for most of the day. At night I had to catch up on some work and make a few phone calls.

A waterfall on the way to Hana. You knew sooner or later I was going to put an "island" picture up!

I'm quickly finding out that I'm never actually "off" work here. I always have to network, find new people to connect with, talk about our vision to potential supporters, etc. Not to mention helping YWAM staff with their fund raising and update newsletters. It's a good thing to be busy, but sometimes I feel like my phone is glued to my head.

Since most of our staff wasn't able to take Labor Day off (because of the DTS school that starts this week), Tuesday afternoon we all went to Keihei, on the south side of the island, for a cookout. It was a good time for me to relax and talk to our Leadership Team about what might be my next big adventure.....

I can't say much about it now because of potential security issues, but I might be spending a few weeks over Christmas in the most populous country in the world (hint: it's in Asia and begins with a "C")! I would be working with our DTS students, doing research and filming for a fund raising package for our long term missionaries in the area, who are hoping to open a business/ministry near a college campus. I wish I could tell you more, but again because of some security issues I can't say much right now....I can say that I think it's a BIG step in the right direction for our base and it's an exciting thing to be able to help change a nation!

The YWAM Maui Communications Department (Me and Maria)

In other news, I need a CAR!!! With the nature of my work (fund raising, etc.), I have to travel around the island a lot. It's really tough to find someone who can drive me to where I need to be, especially during the week. I've started looking at a few cars here, and I have the feeling I can get a good deal (probably $2000-$3000 for a decent car) because so many people just live here for a few months then leave.

The problem with getting a car is that it increases my expenses. I need to increase my monthly support by about $100 to fully cover gas, insurance, etc. So if you know anyone who might want to support me, or if you are not currently supporting me and would like to, please either call me at (404) 213-3740 or send me an e-mail at