DTS in full swing!

Our DTS had it's first week last week, and now is in full swing.  With lectures, community outreach, intercession and small groups, our base is running at full throttle.  

The first week of DTS lecture

Tuesday morning I spoke about my DTS outreach to Tibet in the morning lecture, which was really fun.  Most of the students haven't heard much about Tibet, so it was good to be able to share with them about the struggles of the Christians there.  After I spoke, we had a time if prayer for Tibet and China, which was a really encouraging way to start out my day.

Its really good to be able to spend some time with the students, especially since I've been asked to be a community outreach leader.  That means that every Tuesday afternoon, I take 9-10 DTS students into the community to either serve a church or meet people in Paia with the purpose of evangelism.  This is a great opportunity for me to further connect with the churches in the area and to get to know more of the locals on a long term basis.  It also means I have to schedule our outreach times with the churches and be away from the office for half a day but it's well worth the work.

This Tuesday afternoon, I got to take a few students the Po'okela church, in the upcountry town of Makawao.  They asked if we could help them with cleaning up the grounds of their church, which happens to be one of the oldest churches on the island (it was built in 1843).  Their youth minister, Ka'eo is a really cool 25 year old native Hawiian, and we instantly clicked.  He wants to be more involved with what we're doing in YWAM, and Po'okela is a church full of real locals, which is a great resource for us to meet people on the island who aren't Christian, and partner with Po'okela's ministries so that we can both be more effective.  It is an amazing thing to see how well the body of Christ can work together when we don't let petty things get in the way.  That's what is happening all over Maui, and it's exciting to see the growth in the church here.

Some of the DTS guys helping clean trash at Po'okela

I hope y'all are all doing well, and a special shout out to Mom and Kristin-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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