What have you been doing, Bryan?

Ok, so it's been about two months since I've been back in Georgia, and a lot has happened! First things first, I'm planning on going back to be on staff at YWAM Maui! This opportunity is a great chance for me to learn, serve and share the gospel for the next few years of my life. I'm planning on going back at the start of the New Year, and hopefully I'll be able to hit up Matt Laskey's wedding in Toronto on my way out to Hawaii.

In the meantime, I've been working for Ingle Courier service and substitute teaching here in Conyers. I've also been working with the youth at Conyers FUMC, and working with Young Life. It's definitely been a blessing to be a part of these programs, and both have some exciting things going on. Our youth at CFUMC are about to get a huge new building for themselves (finally!) and we also have some fun retreats going on this fall up in Tennessee.

So overall, life is good! I'm really excited about everything thats going on, and I know that theres more to come!

Labor Day fun with the guys in Seagrove, Florida!


  1. Steph said...:

    Yeah - so I saw all the pictures you and the guys took in Florida - HILARIOUS! ANd I was surprised to stumble across you blog (that I didn't know existed) while browsing through a list of bloggers in Conyers. Cool. I'm excited your going back to Maui - I know you can't wait. We'll have to get together soon! Justin and I never see you!