So the last week has been pretty sweet. Last week was the first full week of lecture, which felt busy, but now I think I'm getting the hang of going to school full time again. I do mean full time too; our typical day starts with worship at 7:30 or 8, then we have prayer or quiet time, then we have lecture from 10 to 12:30 team time or work duties from 1 to 5, then lecture again from about 6 until 9 or 10. Stuff varies day to day, but that's fairly typical.

Last weeks lectures were on our Identity in Christ and how being a child of God should affect how we live. I could probably write a ton on what we talked about, but I'll just hit some main points:
1. We are children of God and have all the rights and privileges that children get from their parents including gifts, adoration from God and also His discipline.
2. We are God's Ambassadors- That means everyone who is Christian is responsible for spreading God's word. This is not an option, it's a command directly from God.
3. We are aliens- This life is only temporary, but we are meant to know God and make Him known while we are here. As Christians, we are supposed to stand out.

Outreach prep is going good, and my main focus right now is praying for the nation of Nepal (Which is a Hindu nation) and raising about $2500 more to pay for school, outreach and plane tickets. If you feel led to give or know someone who might be interested, drop me a note or give me a call at 404 213 3740!

Now for some pics:
Ok, the first picture is our house. It's simple, but it works for us 17 guys who live here. What, you thought I was living the high life out here in Maui?!? It's a little cramped, but I can't complain with a roof over my head and cool breezes in the evenings.
We are literally in the rain forest up in a little town called Haiku. We have an orange tree and some breadfruit trees in our yard. Oranges are great, breadfruit is disgusting.

Next is a bunch of us hanging out in the living room of the girls house. I've since shaved my beard, so I no longer look like a homeless person.

Next down is Pe'ahi, or Jaws, which is one of the biggest waves on the planet. This wave was between 40 and 50 feet. We were lucky enough to make a trip across the highway one afternoon during a big swell and watch some monster waves.

Last is a sunset in Kehei, a town on the south shore of the island. You can't get much better than that.....


  1. Steve said...:

    Obviously your new location is in a higher class neighborhood. I did not see a washer and dryer on the front porch. :-)

  1. Pooja said...:

    Bryan, everything sounds absolutely amazing- I'm so excited for you! It was great talking to you last night! Keep me updated!

  1. Fry up the breadfruit like french fries - breaded, fried, and salted. That's how my 80+ year old Bahamian neighbor used to feed it to me when I would go over to visit.